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Warning logo Paylink Invalid Session Error

Paylink determined an invalid request due to no current session being active. Consult the following information to remedy this problem.

Are you a customer trying to checkout?

Your purchase process cannot continue due to an invalid initial request to the Paylink application. You may have clicked on a link which was not integrated for payments correctly. This usually occurs when the site you came from null, did not provide the correct information for payment.

Merchant Information

The Paylink integration process could not render the payment pages due to the problems listed below.

  • Session Invalid. No session initiated due to invalid call request

Please check your installation and provide an initial POST request.

Mail IconIf you are unable to continue, please email

Caution. Do not use your browser's back button as the transaction process may be interrupted.

Paylink is a secure payment gateway provided by CityPay Limited. Further information about CityPay can be obtained from our website
If you are having problems using Paylink, please email including information regarding your transaction and which merchant you are processing payment for. Please do not send credit card details over email.
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